Isabelle Guilfoyle
Registered Dietitian nutritionist

Private consultations in English

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We are constantly under a flow of contradictory information and various wild pieces of advice, only a nutrition specialist can help you see more clearly.

Meeting a registered dietitian and nutritionist is the best step to find a better balance to mix the pleasure of eating and healthy eating.
nutrition diététique

Everyone can benefit from this personalised advice, for example if :
  • you are worried about your weight and would like to lose or gain some, and stabilise it.
  • you suffer from a pathology which requires a specific diet : diabetes, High blood pressure, digestive disorders, IBS, cardio-vascular diseases, coeliac disease, food allergies or intolerances (lactose, fructose...) Specialist on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - Low Fodmap Protocol.
  • you are healthy, but would like to optimise your nutrition (adults, pregnant and nursing mothers, children, vegetarian, vegan, ...)
  • you are keen on sports or a sport professional and would like to optimise your training and performance (certified specialist in Sports Nutrition).

A letter from your family doctor is not essential, but a report to your doctor can be sent upon request.