Isabelle Guilfoyle
Registered Dietitian and nutritionist

My approach is focused on non-judgemental care for progressive improvement towards sustainable personal well-being.

On-line appointment

COVID-19 : Strict hygiene measures are taken and also required by all patients (hand disinfection, mask)
However, telehealth consultations are still highly recommended whenever possible, via Doctena online.
Please postpone your appointment if you are ill or in quarantine.

Constantly under a flow of contradictory information and various wild pieces of advice ? Only a nutrition specialist can help you see more clearly.

Meeting a registered dietitian and nutritionist is the best step to find a better balance to mix the pleasure of eating and healthy eating.


Optimisation of sports performance and recovery in endurance and/or strength (University degree in Sports Nutrition).


Body weight modification or maintenance.


 Cardiovascular diseases, excess cholesterol and/or triglycerides

Type 1 or 2 diabetes

High blood pressure

Liver steatosis (fatty liver disease)


Digestive issues

Food allergies

Coeliac disease (member of ALIG and AFDIAG,)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (ICD) : Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Food intolerances such as lactose, fructose, gluten, histamine, FODMAPS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Gastro-enteral reflux

Vegetarian, vegan diets

Vegatarian and vegan friendly !

Stages of life

Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Infant and child nutrition


Nouvelle collaboratrice à Bascharage !

J'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer ma collaboration avec une nouvelle collègue Louise Pereira, diététicienne nutritionniste, au cabinet de Bascharage !
Pour prendre rendez-vous avec elle le jeudi de 8h00 à 20h00 ou le samedi de 10h00 à 17h00, n'hésitez pas à me contacter par téléphone, SMS ou par mail à ou directement Louise au 661 159 151 ou