Consultation rates

  • Initial consultation (about 1 hour) : 102.18 €
During this first meeting, I will get to know you and your lifestyle (health, weight history, physical activity, ...)
This will help me help you find solutions together to reach your objectives.

  • Nutrition plan, if necessary and/or requested (about 45 mn) : 127.73 €

  • Follow-up consultation (about 30 mn) : 63.86 € 
These sessions will be useful :
- for you to ask questions and/or raise specific issues
- to find new solutions and adapt objectives if necessary
- to keep your motivation up!


Payment in cash, by credit/debit card, the Payconiq or Satispay application.


The Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS) can contribute for 88% (100% for children) of your consultation fees for certain health conditions and with a valid prescription from your doctor.

I would recommend you send your doctor's prescription to me as soon as you make an appointment, so I can make the request at the CNS for you. In this case, you will only need to pay the price difference (Tiers-Payant) at the end of each consultation.

Please make sure your prescription is valid (under 90 days old).

More info here : CNS site

Some private insurance schemes can also support part of the cost of a dietitian's consultation (Swiss Life, AXA, ...).

A separate letter from your family or specialist doctor is not compulsory, but is helpful if you have health issues.

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