During your first consultation, I will establish your nutritional assessment according to your way of living, your nutrition habits, your weight history, your personal needs and objectives.

According to this assessment and your expectations, together we will determine your first nutrition objectives.

At the end of the consultation, I will usually ask you to keep a food journal until our next appointment either on paper or on a specific application (Monsuividiet).

During the second consultation (usually 2 weeks later), we assess the situation to see what you have managed to apply already, and also what you might have struggled with, so we can think how to overcome it together.

The following sessions can continue at the same rhythm or be more spaced out as you wish. They will allow new skills to be deepened, such as reading food labels, cooking skills, specific games, ...

My objective is to guide you, to accompany you for a progressive change of behaviour and nutrition for a durable feeling of well-being without frustrations or constraints.

Your body composition measurement : BiodyXpert

A measurement of your body composition using multi-frequency bio-impedance technology can be taken if you are interested to check your body fat, muscle mass, hydration level and bone density.This measure is quick and painless, it is included in the consultation at no extra cost. 

How to stay motivated between consultations : use the MonSuiviDiet application

The MonSuiviDiet application is now available and free to all my patients who wish to use it. It allows me to follow your progress from a distance.

You can download the MonSuivDiet application on IOS or Android and enter your data every day : meals, drinks, physical activity, hunger, objectives and send me questions too to optimise the quality of your nutritional journey.

This application contains :

- A food journal to write your meals every day and even take photos. You can also write down your mood, your difficulties and your successes.

- your objectives (nutrition and behavioural) 

- direct messaging to ask your dietitian questions easily between 2 consultations

- notifications to receive encouragement and comments on your meals, physical activities and your objectives.