During your first consultation, I will establish your nutritional assessment according to your way of living, your nutrition habits, your weight history, your personal needs and objectives.

According to this assessment and your expectations, together we will determine your first nutrition objectives.

At the end of the consultation, I will hand you a food journal to fill in until our next appointment.

During the second consultation (usually 2 weeks later), we assess the situation to see what you have managed to apply already, and also what you might have found more difficult, so we can think how to overcome it together.

The following sessions can continue at the same rhythm or be more spaced out as you wish. They will allow new skills to be deepened, such as reading food labels, cooking skills...

My objective is to guide you, to accompany you for a progressive change of behaviour and nutrition for a durable feeling of wellbeing without frustrations or constraints.

Bioelectrical impedance

A measurement of your body composition using mutli-frequence technology can be itaken if you are interested to check on your body fat, muscle mass, hydration level and bone density.This measure is quick and painless, it is included in the consultation at no extra cost.